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Updated 06/14/2024

Your Google Sheet, Supercharged with AI Analytics

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What is Arcwise?

Transform your Google Sheet into an AI-first data analytics platform. Generate insights and charts instantly from your data, no CSV imports or formulas required. Drop the results into your spreadsheet, refine analyses, build reports, and update everything with a single click. Stay linked to your data source to audit your work. Build weekly business reviews, revenue reconciliation processes, demand forecasts, lead scoring, inventory management, and so much more. Trusted by industry leaders like NZXT, Arcwise saves hours weekly on spreadsheet report building and significantly boosts profitability.

Key Features:

  • Instant Insights with AI Analyst: Automate your analysis and receive insights to identify trends on your business data instantly.
  • One-Click Spreadsheet Data Refresh: Easily update the data in your spreadsheet with just one click.
  • Spreadsheet Formula Assistant: Get suggestions for formulas based on your data to streamline your spreadsheet tasks.
  • Integrations with Popular Data Sources: Seamlessly connect to data sources like Snowflake, BigQuery, Salesforce, Netsuite, Looker, and more for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Spreadsheet Report Building: Generate weekly business reviews in minutes using the built-in report building feature.
  • Spreadsheet Formula Drilldown: Drill down into formulas to trace the origins of data within your spreadsheet effortlessly.
  • Data Visualization: Enhance your reports with AI-generated charts and graphs for better data visualization and understanding.
  • Analysis on Millions of Rows: Perform analysis on any size of data directly within your spreadsheet, even on millions of rows.
  • Data Snapshotting: Snapshot data at specific points in time, track changes, and enable historical analysis for better insights.

Use Case Ideas:

  • Build data analysis with slick visuals in minutes.
  • Generate weekly business reviews and drill down into key metrics.
  • Build a spreadsheet process and update it in a single click.

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