10 Best AI 3D Generators in 2024

After testing the most popular and highly rated AI 3D generation tools, we narrowed the list down to the top 10 best AI 3D generators for 2024. Get ready to redefine innovation.

By Kevin Hutson
AI 3D Generators

10 Best AI 3D Generators in 2024: Redefine Innovation

Welcome to the frontier of digital innovation, where artificial intelligence three-dimensional (3D) generators are not just tools but architects of imagination that redefine the boundaries of art, design, and technology.

By streamlining the process of creating 3D models, 3D generation tools are the key to unlocking vast creative domains. Adopting these tools signifies a step into a future where technology and creativity merge seamlessly to bring imaginative visions to life.

In this article:

How 3D AI Generators Work

To create 3D models with AI, or generative AI, the generators leverage complex algorithms and neural networks to transform text prompts or two-dimensional (2D) data into three-dimensional models, such as images, sketches, or concept art.

These algorithms analyze patterns, textures, structures, and various features within images, videos, or real-world objects by scouring vast datasets to comprehend how to interpret your text or 2D input information and convert it into realistic 3D representations.

How We Evaluated the Best 3D Generation Tools

Our AI experts, each with extensive experience in the field, spend an outrageous amount of time researching and reviewing the 300+ AI tools showcased on our website.

Collectively, our team holds not only a deep, up-to-date understanding of the AI landscape but also a commitment to unbiased analyses. By methodically exploring each tool and basing our endorsements solely on our honest assessment, we are confident that our recommendations will help you find the best tool/s for your needs.

When determining these top 10 standout AI 3D generation tools, the factors we evaluated include:

  • Quality of results, such as output resolution, realism, and detail
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility and customization capabilities
  • Diversity across styles and effects
  • Prompt translation accuracy
  • Speed of results
  • Community feedback, such as user reviews

…as well as a variety of other considerations.

When to Use AI for 3D Models and Animations

With its unique strengths, each generator caters to a broad spectrum of creative aspirations — from real-time animation and engaging marketing campaigns to reconstructing historical sites and virtual retail try-on experiences.

Shaping the future of digital creativity, these cutting-edge tools offer professionals and enthusiasts a gateway to unparalleled artistic realms. While not an exhaustive list, some notable areas include:

3D Art, Animation, Game Development, and Virtual Reality Experiences

Create realistic 3D avatars, breathing life into your characters with lifelike movements, and effortlessly craft intricate gaming environments and immersive worlds.

Marketing & Design

Craft engaging marketing campaigns and add a dash of reality to your art.


Engage students by producing interactive learning materials and turning lessons into 3D adventures. Historians and archeologists: reconstruct ancient sites or artifacts.

Architecture & Interior Design

Visualize exterior and interior spaces with real-world objects and lifelike materials and finishes.

Choreography & Physical Therapy

Conceive dance routines in a digital space or analyze and improve movement for patients in a virtual setup.

Digital Retail

Build lifelike models and virtual try-on experiences for online stores.

Event Planning & Tourism

Envision event setups in 3D before the big day or bring landmarks to life for virtual tourists.

Personal Endeavors

Explore creativity with or without professional intent. If you can dream it, you can create it.

Top 10 Best AI 3D Generators in 2024

While each of the top AI 3D model generators offers compelling capabilities, the ideal one depends on your needs as the creator.

To make your decision a little easier, we’ve pinpointed the optimal functionality, key differentiators, and pricing for each tool (listed alphabetically).

Brand Best Functionality Key Differentiators Price (as of Nov 2023)
3DFY.ai Speed in gaming and architecture
  • Speedy content creation
  • Automation for complex design elements
  • Versatility across applications
Scalable flat-rate pricing at $5 for every 10 generations & 1 download
Plans from $15-175/month when billed annually or $20-$225/month when billed monthly
DeepMotion AI Realistic motion capture
  • Realistic motion capture
  • Broad application range
  • High-quality production
Free plan
Paid plans from $9-83/month when billed annually or $15-$300/month when billed monthly
DPT Depth Estimation Real-time scene reconstruction
  • Precision crafting of historically accurate 3D scene reconstruction
  • Immersive virtual tour capabilities
  • Open-source
Masterpiece X Intuitive model generation
  • Text-to-3D with NPL integration
  • User-friendly for non-technical users
250 free credits
$15 for 750 credits
Plans from $15-$60/month
Meshcapade E-Commerce model creation
  • Text-to-3D avatars
  • Extensive customization
  • Seamless integration with various online platforms
Try for free
Contact for large-scale needs
NeROIC Detailed model crafting
  • Advanced photo-to-3D conversion
  • Excellent relighting capabilities
  • High-quality details
Ponzu Designers and developers
  • Specialization in photorealistic textures & objects
  • Versatility for creative & technical needs
Rokoko Vision Real-time animation
  • Real-time, full-body motion recording & translation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Precision
Free single-cam
$240/year dual-cam after 14-day free trial
Sloyd AI Customization
  • Unparalleled customization
  • User-centric interface
30 free credits/month
Plans starting at $15/month when billed annually or $20/month when billed monthly
Spline AI Collaborative projects
  • Easy 2D-to-3D conversion
  • Versatile artistic styles
  • Collaboration features
Free plan
Paid plans from $7-$9/month when billed annually or $9-$12/month when billed monthly

3DFY: Best for Speed in Gaming and Architecture

3DFY creates high-quality 3D models from just a few images, eliminating the need for manual creation, photogrammetry, and 3D scanning. A beacon of efficiency, particularly for professional endeavors where time is a critical factor, 3DFY allows creativity to flourish without time constraints.


Revolutionize 3D model creation with AI: Text descriptions to detailed assets.

Ideal Users

Game developers, architects, and creative hobbyists.


  • Speedy content creation dramatically accelerates the 3D modeling process – turning time-intensive projects into efficient tasks.

  • Complex design element automation, enhancing productivity and creative output.

  • Versatility, adapting to various 3D applications — from gaming environments to architecture.

  • User-Friendly interface makes it accessible to a wide range of users.


  • It focuses on specific applications, meaning it may not cater to all types of 3D projects.

  • Learning to utilize it for specific needs may require an initial time investment.

Pricing Options

  • One-time, scalable flat-rate pricing
    • $5 for every 10 generations & 1 download
  • Plans
    • Basic: 30 generations & 5 downloads per month
      • Monthly: $20/month
      • Annual: $15/month
    • Standard: 250 generations & 40 downloads per month
      • Monthly: $110/month
      • Annual: $80/month
    • Premium: 700 generations & 100 downloads per month
      • Monthly: $225/month
      • Annual: $175/month

These prices were accurate as of December 2023.

DeepMotion - Best for Realistic Motion Capture

Using body tracking from videos, DeepMotion captures the fluidity of human movement and transforms it into digital art. A powerhouse in animating intricate human motions, it brings digital creations to life by infusing characters with natural, lifelike movements.


Revolutionize animation with AI-driven motion capture and body tracking for all creators.

Ideal Users

Animators, game developers, and choreographers.


  • Lifelike animation capabilities capture the subtlety and complexity of human movement, infusing animations with unparalleled realism and fluidity.

  • High-quality productions.

  • Broad application range suits various uses and sectors, from gaming to virtual reality and interactive media.


  • Technical expertise is needed to utilize its capabilities fully.

  • Requires significant computational power for optimal performance.

Pricing Options

  • Free: 60 credits/month; ability to track 2 people; 20-second clips
  • Starter: 180 credits per month; ability to track 3 people; 20-second clips
    • Monthly: $15/month
    • Annual: $9/month
  • Innovator: 480 credits per month; ability to track 4 people; 30-second clips
    • Monthly: $48/month
    • Annual: $17/month
  • Professional: 1500 credits per month; ability to track 6 people; 120-second clips
    • Monthly: $117/month
    • Annual: $39/month
  • Unlimited: Unlimited credits; ability to track 8 people; 360-second clips
    • Monthly: $300/month
    • Annual: $83/month

These prices were accurate as of December 2023.

DeepMotion AI in action. Courtesy of Company.

DPT Depth Estimation - Best for Real-Time Scene Reconstruction

A digital time machine, DPT Depth Estimation delves into history by recreating scenes and lost worlds from mere images. It specializes in reconstructing detailed 3D environments with precision, bringing past or virtual tours to life in dynamic, immersive experiences. It’s also open-source and free to use.

Ideal Users

Educators, historians, archaeologists, and tourism professionals.


  • Specialization in reconstructing historical scenes with extraordinary detail and accuracy, transforming images into historically accurate 3D scenes.

  • Immersive, interactive virtual tour capability makes it a valuable tool for education, tourism, and historical documentation.

  • Precision crafting ensures each pixel contributes to a historically accurate and visually engaging experience.


  • Niche application makes it less impactful outside historical or educational contexts.

  • The effectiveness of scene reconstruction relies heavily on the quality of the input images.

Pricing Options

  • Free

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

Masterpiece X - Best for Intuitive Model Generation

Masterpiece X fuses natural language processing (NPL) and artistic creation — making complex 3D models from text. For poets, storytellers, and any creative thinker who can clearly articulate words and stories, Masterpiece X helps you swiftly explore concepts, prototypes, and more.

Free Trial

Revolutionize 3D modeling: AI-driven, VR-ready, unlimited creative potential.

Ideal Users

Marketers, storytellers, and event planners.


  • Expert at converting verbal or written descriptions into detailed 3D models with innovative NLP integration.

  • User-friendly interface, making it accessible to those without technical 3D modeling skills.


  • Focus on creative modeling means it may not be the best fit for more technical or precise tasks.

  • Effectiveness hinges on your ability to articulate your vision in words clearly.

Pricing Options

  • Free 250 credits
  • Monthly credit packs
    • $15/month: 750 credits
    • $30/month: 1500 credits (most popular)
    • $60/month: 3000 credits
  • On-demand credit packs
    • $15 one-time purchase: 750 credits

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

Preview of MasterpieceX. Courtesy of Company.

Meshcapade - Best for E-Commerce Model Creation

Offering avatars that resonate with the diverse aesthetics of online retail, Meshcapade is a digital sorcerer transforming textual descriptions into lifelike 3D avatars.


Revolutionize digital human creation and animation with intuitive, lifelike results.

Ideal Users

Marketers, digital retailers, and event planners.


  • High-quality transformation of descriptive text into detailed, lifelike 3D avatars.

  • Extensive customization, allowing each avatar to be unique and tailor-fit to specific brand needs.

  • Seamless integration with various online platforms, enhancing user experience and engagement.

  • Intuitive user experience makes 3D avatar creation accessible to novices and experts alike.


  • Specialization in e-commerce may limit it in broader 3D modeling contexts.

  • Output quality heavily relies on the detail and clarity of the textual descriptions.

Pricing Options

  • Try for free.
  • Contact them for large-scale needs.

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

NeROIC - Best for Detailed Model Crafting

An open-source AI 3D object generator pushing the boundaries of object rendering, NeROIC transforms ordinary photographs into stunning 3D models by capturing detailed geometric and material properties.

Ideal Users

Game developers, 3D model enthusiasts, and interior designers.


  • Advanced photo-to-model conversion, converting everyday photos into detailed, accurate 3D models with remarkable fidelity.

  • Excellent relighting capabilities, enabling models to fit seamlessly into diverse lighting conditions and scenes.

  • Great attention to detail, reproducing textures and material properties from photos for advanced realism.


  • Requires 3D modeling expertise to leverage its capabilities fully.

  • It is most suitable for object rendering projects, which may limit its use in other areas.

Pricing Options

  • Free

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

Ponzu - Best for Designers and Developers

Ponzu stands as a master AI text-to-3D generator. Enter a prompt into Ponzu, and it’ll generate an asset where every texture and shape of an object exudes realism, elevating digital art to new heights of authenticity.


Revolutionize 3D texturing with AI for photorealistic effects and efficiency.

Ideal Users

Graphic designers, game developers, and architects.


  • Photorealistic textures and objects offer an enhanced sense of realism.

  • Advanced 3D object details, blending artistic vision with technical precision.

  • Versatility, suiting a wide range of creative and technical professions.


  • High-end computing power is necessary to achieve the best results.

  • It may require time to master its full potential.

Pricing Options

  • Free

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

Rokoko Video - Best for Real-Time Animation

Rokoko Video is your studio for real-time animation. Specializing in full-body motion capture, this tool translates every move into stunning dynamic and fluid animations like real-life movements.

Contact for Pricing

Transform video to 3D animations easily with AI-driven mocap technology.

Ideal Users

Animators, virtual reality professionals, choreographers, and physical therapists.


  • Real-time recording offers immediate capture and translation of full-body motion.

  • User-friendly interface makes it accessible to professionals and beginners alike.

  • Detailed, real-time motion capture, ensuring dynamic and responsive animations with high precision, even for subtle movements.


  • Optimal use may require specialized equipment, potentially adding to the overall cost.

  • Mastering the full scope of its capabilities can take time and practice.

Pricing Options

  • Single-cam: free
  • Dual-Cam: $240/year after 14-day free trial

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

Rokoko Vision Demonstration. Courtesy of Company.

Sloyd - Best for Customization

Sloyd elevates the art of customization. By allowing every detail of a model to be tailored to exact specifications, it’s perfect for projects that require a unique touch and high-level personalization.

Contact for Pricing

Revolutionize 3D model creation with AI, no experience needed.

Ideal Users

3D artists, designers, educators, and creative hobbyists.


  • Provides unparalleled customization options for every detail.

  • Design flexibility, adapting to various creative needs and stylistic preferences.

  • User-centric interface with an intuitive design framework.


  • Best suited for projects that require intricate and detailed personalization.

  • Optimal performance may require robust computing resources.

Pricing Options

  • Starter: free; 30 export credits/month
  • Plus: 200 export credits/month
    • $20/month billed monthly
    • $15/month billed annually
  • Studio & Enterprise: custom pricing

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

Spline AI - Best for Collaborative Project

By streamlining and enhancing the creative process, Spline AI allows beginners and advanced professionals to effortlessly create 3D objects, animations, and textures by providing simple prompts.


Revolutionize 3D design with AI: create, edit, collaborate effortlessly.

Ideal Users

Artists, designers, marketers, and content creators.


  • Ease of use, with an intuitive interface, allows you to create 3D models easily without needing advanced technical skills.

  • 2D to 3D conversion, transforming 2D sketches or drawings into 3D models.

  • Versatility and flexibility, accommodating different artistic styles and concepts.


  • May struggle with highly complex or detailed drawings, requiring manual adjustments.

  • It may not offer as advanced editing features as other tools.

  • Output quality heavily depends on the input quality and clarity — potentially resulting in less accurate or desirable generations.

Pricing Options

  • Basic: Free
  • Super: $9/month billed monthly or $7/month billed annually
  • Super Team: $12/month per editor billed monthly or $9/month per editor billed annually

Pricing was accurate as of December 2023.

How To Pick The Best AI 3D Generator For You

When venturing into 3D generators, selecting the right tool can be pivotal. Some key factors to guide your choice include:

Project Requirements

Tools excel in various areas, like realism, speed, or customization. Be sure to align your choice of generator with your project's vision and needs.

Technical Expertise

Consider your proficiency level. Some tools are more user-friendly for beginners, while others offer advanced features for experienced users.

Customization and Flexibility

Determine the level of customization you need. If your projects require unique features, look for tools that offer extensive personalization options.

Integration Capabilities

Check how well the tool integrates with your other software and platforms.

Resource Requirements

Understand the hardware and software requirements of the tool. Some may need high-end systems for optimal performance.

Future Scalability

Consider the tool's ability to adapt to future advancements, needs, and project scales.

Budget and Licensing

Evaluate the cost and licensing agreements. Ensure they align with your budget and project scope.

By weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your creative vision and project needs, ensuring that the tool you choose meets your current requirements and paves the way for future innovation and growth.

What’s next for AI 3D Generation

This fusion of innovation and artistry is not just transforming the present. It also paves the way for a future rich with unexplored potential in digital creation, leaving creators and enthusiasts on the cusp of an exciting journey of discovery and endless possibilities.

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